Company History

The name Lake Michigan Financial dates back to 1933 originally founded by Arthur Rubloff as a wholly owned subsidaiary of The Rubloff Development Company.Originally operated as Lake Michigan Mortgage Company the name was changed to Lake Michigan Financial Group in 1980, and subsequently to Lake Michigan Financial, Inc. as a result of the spin off of the brokerage and property management divisions. Lake Michigan Financial operated under the umbrella of Rubloff, Inc until 1993 when the current principals of the firm acquired the name and re-engineered it for the purpose of supplying end users a truly independent fiduciary agent absent of all conflict of interests. A change in company structure was accompanied by a complete revamping of its philosophy and approach to real estate representation.  Lake Michigan Financial has become a truly unique provider of real estate services, consulting support and implementation services.

Lake Michigan Financial's core business is end-user representation supported by investment, management and corporate consulting. LMF is on the cutting edge of a changing real estate environment and has initiated a unique full service approach to representation.  Since 1993, Lake Michigan Financial has been retained by, and represented some of the countries most recognized corporations, as well as providing small and medium size organizations premier consulting services fully integrated under a comprehensive approach. Every representation is handled by an account manager with a minimum of twenty years of experience bringing senior real estate knowledge to every client regardless of size. Headquartered in Chicago, our account managers have been responsible for representation across the United States and the company is currently pursuing an expansion program to the cities of Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Detroit.

The LMF team was formulated with the goal of providing clients a variety of pre-negotiated services commonly interactive with any real estate decision.  This comprehensive service approach supports the company's core business focused on tenant representation, and provides business consulting services for strategic planning and balance sheet management. In addition to tenant representation, LMF provides access to legal services, architectural support, construction management and a host of other advisory services.  The unique feature of LMF is its dedication to understanding the true science of negotiations and its ability to orchestrate the myriad of professionals required to successfully reach corporate financial and strategic objectives.

Lake Michigan Financial is proud that since the company was re-incorporated in 1993, it is not now, or ever has been, party to any legal disputes or litigation. We believe this is a direct result of our documented project management style as well as our dedication to investigating every detail in our assignments