Company History

Lake Michigan Financial, Inc            

707 Osterman Ave. Suite 102, Deerfield, Il. 60015


Main Phone      :312-810-1017 

Main Email       :jreddy@LMFCHICAGO.COM                                                                                                                               

"Lake Michigan Financial, Inc. has consistently provided us with excellent and thorough representation in all aspects of our real estate needs.  Their superior skills have always produced cost savings which we believe exceeded those we would have achieved from using other national real estate companies"

           Sr. VP Finance/Administration, a major NASDAQ  service firm                 (LMF has negotiated over 600,000 square feet for this client)                                                                                                    

"When we chose Lake Michigan Financial, Inc. to represent our real estate concerns, little did we know we were retaining much more than a real estate consultant. Lake Michigan Financial, Inc. was active and influential in every aspect of our strategic planning through real estate negotiations, architectural selection, supervision of general contractors, and demonstarted superior financial skills.  When we interviewed real estate companies, we spoke with large, medium and small alike.  We chose the smaller firm, Lake Michigan Financial, due to its personal service and its attention to all aspects of the project Little did we know, we actually hired big firm knowledge. We highly recommend Lake Michigan Financial, Inc to others as well as specifically those in the association and not-for-profit categories."

           Deputy Director, a major not-for-profit Chicago organization

"It is very rare to come across an organization, not only well versed in the negotiation process, but also knowledgeable from an economic standpoint as well as from the perspective of legal documentation.  Lake Michigan Financial, Inc. demonstrated all of these strengths to us.We highly recommend them to other business firms."

          Administrative Partner, one of Chicago's oldest and largest law firms

"Lake Michigan Financial, Inc. is one of the most well versed real estate consulting organizations I have seen. Their attention to detail, as well as their depth and breadth of knowledge is most impressive.  Not only have we used them ourselves on several occasions, but each time we have referred them to our friends or clients they have delivered uncompromising results."

         CEO, of one of Chicago's most prestigious banking institutions

*footnote: The names are available upon request along with contact information. We wanted to protect our clients from unsolicited inquiries. These, as well as several others, will be provided to you upon our ability to provide you with a general capabilities presentation.